Custom Metal Sculptures & Industrial Art For Sale | Smutek's Metal Art - decor1Whether You Need the Perfect Piece to Finish Your Man Cave or Compliment Your Business, I Can Make It!

I can make numerous works of art that are made from recycled metal, including uniquely-designed, hand-crafted metal sculptures. The sculptures come in various forms that are shipped to customers within Michigan and across the country. If you're looking for that perfect piece of art to make a bold statement, contact Jim Smutek today!

You can get custom interiors and fabrication including industrial art suited for homes, businesses, museums, and personal collections.

If you are looking for customized art, check out my collection and if you like what you see, we can customize it even further to fit your needs! We ship our orders to customers all over the country and we are committed to supplying high-quality automotive art. If you're truly looking for the 'WOW" factor in any modern or contemporary home, office, or business, look no further than Jim Smutek!

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