Automotive-Themed Lamps, Car-Inspired Light Fixtures For Sale | Smutek's Metal Art - lamp1Transform an Ordinary Lamp into an Amazing Work of Art

I specialize in creating both floor and table lamps that are created from recycled car parts. My lamps are hand crafted and come in different shapes and colors to suit your preferences. Instead of having a dull lamp in your home or office, you can have a unique piece of automotive art that will reflects your individual taste and personality.  Looking for an excellent addition to your art collection? Look no further!

Having proper lighting does not have to be boring and dull. You can illuminate your world with these customized lamps made and sold by Jim Smutek at affordable prices. These lamps are destined to leave an impression in your home!

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If You Have a Specific Vision in Mind for Your Lamp, Consider Ordering a Customized Piece

I will create a customized lamps that lights up your space and add character to your home. Using recycled metal that many often dispose of as scrap, I can create a piece of art that will impress any house guest!

These designs make the lamps ideal for gift-giving, and they would even fit in at a museum! Car enthusiasts do not need to worry about finding unique furniture that reflects their personality and tastes. No matter your location, I will make sure your vintage lamps are in excellent condition. The lamps are both functional and decorative, and can be used in study rooms, offices, businesses - or anywhere you need light!

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