Auto-Inspired Tables For Sale - Furniture Made From Car Parts | Smutek's Metal Art - table1Display Your Passion for Mustangs in a Unique and Interesting Way!

We can custom-make you a coffee table made from assorted automobile parts that will add a unique touch to your home. The tables can have a traditional or modern look to it. They can be big or small depending on your preference. Getting unique furniture is a priority for those who want to make a statement with their homes and classic automotive decor is on top of the list.

Why our tables are unique:

  • For automobile enthusiasts, you will find these tables as excellent additions to your furniture collection. The pieces are custom-made, and attention is paid to the minute details ensuring they are made to the customer's specifications.
  • The tables are made using car parts from different models, and all designs are unique. You can even get a table made from the engine of a car or truck! We don't throw away -- we recycle!
  • Smutek's custom automobile-inspired tables make for an excellent addition to your vintage d©cor!

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